Ø  The electro pneumatic signal converter is used as a linking component between electric or electronic and pneumatic system. It converts standard electric signal 0-20mA or 4-20 mA, resp, into the standard pneumatic signal 0.2 – 1.0 bar (3-15 psi/0.2 -1.0kg/cm2).

Ø   It works on the principal that when a current flows through the coil magnetizing the iron core and the respective air pressure when applied is balanced by the magnetic force thus controlling the air pressure at the nozzle, this back pressure from the nozzle is proportional to the input current signal on the permanent magnet and produce a proportional output.

Ø   Calibration - First of all clean the I/P converter properly.

Ø  Next setup all the equipments arrangement for calibration like AFR, Master Gauges, Milliamps Injector, DMM etc.

Ø  Now check zero with an input signal of 0/4 mA. Any deviation in the output signal from the value 0.2 bar(3 psi) can be adjusted using zero adjustment screw,+/- 2% allowable deviation.

Ø  Next increase the input signal gradually and correspondingly check for 0.4psi for 8 mA,0.6psi for 12mA,0.8psi for 16 mA and 1.0psi for 20 mA,if found no deviation then it is ok.

Ø  Else increase the input signal to 20Ma. Any deviation in the output signal from the value (14.7psi) can be adjusted using span potentiometer screw, +/- 2% is allowable.

Ø  After I/P converter get calibrated, switch off the Milliamps injector, DMM etc.