1. Select the pipe line to measure the volume flow (inlet straight run should be >=10 DN, and >=5 DN after sensor). In case of vertical pipe flow should be bottom to top.

2. Take the krohne portable kit box with you.

3.    Now find the periphery of the selected pipe.

4.    Find out the outer dia of the selected pipe. (Periphery/π, here π=3.1428).

5.    Now find out the thickness of selected pipe. (Refer design manual).

6.    Next we have to see whether any scaling inside pipe or not and material of pipe used.

7.    Now select installation in krohne programmable device.

8.    Select 1 pipe 1 path option.

9.    Input the values of OD, Thickness, Material of pipe data-Cs, Ms Etc save and go to next.

10.Device will show wait installation.

11.Device will show the type of transverse according to that select sensor calibration number probe.

12.Next, device will display the sensor advised position, note it down.

13.If it is below 220mm of distance than one rail will be sufficient.

14.If it is more than 220mm then select two rails, and the type of transverse.

15.Next select the location to set up the rail on pipe, it should be 10D upstream before bending and 5D downstream after sensor.

16.   Mark the position and fit the sensor according to manual instruction.

17.   Now put both the sensors probe on krohne programmable device, see the advice sensor position and actual sensor position.

18.   If any deviation then manually set the actual sensor position to device.

19.   Next see the signal strength, if it is 25% and above then it is well and good, else adjust slightly the sensor position.

20.   After getting the mentioned signal strength and velocity of sound(dB),press next bottom

21.   Now you shall see the volumetric flow in the device as well as the related graph.

22.   Finally cross check with process indicated flow value and satisfy yourself…..DATS!!!!!! KROHNE!!!!!

      Note :- 1. Select sensor position while installing upstream sensor middle position to downstream sensor end         position 2. Both the sensor wires should be in outward position.