The design basis report for control & instrumentation seeks to establish the philosophy , salient features, and the proper design criteria for cont & inst.
The purpose of cont & inst system is to provide versatile automation for aiding the operating persons to carry complex jobs, to ensure safe & efficient operation and in the process relieving the operator to great extent.

For easy operation of plant the entire plant is sub categorizes as - 
a. Boilers & auxiliaries,vaccume & condensate system
b. Stream Generator ,Flue gas system , ESP ,Fuel Feeding & Ash extraction methodology
c. AHP with its auxiliaries
d. Compressed air system
e. Air cooling & ventilation
f. ACW, CWP system
g. CHP
h. DM Plant
 i.Fire alarm system
j.Intake water & pump house
k.DE-DS system
l.HP/LP dosing system
m. SWAS & Silica Analysis system
n.Auxilary Electrical System - 132 Kv, 11 Kv , 6.6 Kv , 440v , 220V

Total plant operation will be executed from CCR at STG building operating floor. the control room will be air - conditioned & have false ceiling.
AVR,RMP,TSP,SP(Synchronising Panel), PA System, DCS Panel , SWRD Relay Panel etc will be in control room.
the approx size of control room depends upon panel sizeing & other sub panels.

The STG control & other monitoring system shall be through DCS unit control desk LCD monitor (SCADA System).
Remember the following OLCS (OPEN LOOP CONTROL SYSTEM)
A. main & aux oil pump , B. emergency oil pumps , C. gland steam exhaust fans , D. condensate extraction pumps , E. QCNRV, F. ESV Logic , G. Lube oil centrifuge , H. turning gear motor , I. HP / LP inlet,outlet,bypass MOV , J. Vaccume breaker. 
 Remember the following CLCS (CLOSE LOOP CONTROL SYSTEM)
A. Hotwell level , B. CEP re-circulation C. Gland steam pressure control D. PRDS Control , E. Lube oil temp , F. LPH level control,  G. HPH normal & emergency level control
Woodward 505 designed for high accuracy & sensitivity of response. The governer will have linear droop characteristics with a suitable range for stable operation & will have provision for adjusting the same with fine steps.(pls refer my previous post in this page below to see the governer calibration).
 1. speed control 2. load control 3. frequency control
(detail shall be post on account of viewers demand and curosity to know woodward 505).

The main function of the protection system is to shutdown the STG in case of occurance of dangerous operational faults.
(all the trips had been posts in my previous posts)

TSI monitoring system of Bently Nevada model 3500 will be provided to monitor steam turbine, gearbox , gen bearing vibrations & rotor axial shift & turbine speed.


 Control of boiler including BMS interlocks and its auxiliaries are given through DCS & MMI in CCR. 
Remember the following automatic close loop control -
A. 3 or 1 element drum level control , B. Temp control for attemperator & De Superheater , C. Combustion Control , D. CBD Tank control, E. furnace draft control , F. LDO header pressure control , G. dearator pressure & level control , H. start up-vent control , I. air heater bypass control

8. BMS

The burner management system will be used for start up the boiler.
(pls refer my previous post for details)

1. NOx/SOx/CO    2. O2 Analyser   3. SPM
( follow prev posts on O2 Analyser)

There are many more auxillary systems in Power Plant only few i have depicted here,rest shall be post upon your interest. Any faulty post , suggestion or modification shall be heartily accepted.