BASIC CONCEPT -The RF type level switch is basically designed to measure the material kept inside the tank or vessel such as oil, water etc.

The capacitance is formed between the active electrode and the tank wall, this increased capacitance is sensed by a digital circuit to operate a relay

PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION – Capacitance formed between probe rod and wall tank which act as reference or ground.

WORKING – For proper working of the probe it is absolutely necessary that there is continuity between probe adopter and the tank wall. it should be kept it mind that flow should be static and the dielectric build inside is enough to make a positive capacitance, so as to operate the relay.

FAIL SAFE MODE – maximum fail safe means that the relay de-energizes when the level drops below the desired level or when the main supply fails.

CALIBRATION - For calibrating after installation raise / lower the oil level inside the tank where alarm is reqd.switch ON the power supply to the unit & wait for 10 min.

Adjust pot P1 slowly till RELAY/LED changes state. If the potentiometer reaches end position and no change in relay / led status is observed then turn the potentiometer in opposite direction.

During calibration notice that the probe does not touches the tank wall, this will increase the capacitance, and give inaccurate result. NOTE- allow a warm up time of 12min before starting calibration