First take the full range of level - say for example - 0 to 4mtr.
Now install the ULT above the level on some structural base. Clean the fase of sensor with soft tissue paper.
Now before Power up the transmitter checked that the inclination from sensor face to water is minimum...90 vertical preffred & there should not be any dust remain on sensor face. now power up the transmitter -say 24vdc, check across terminal.
before starting program see the water level is static or having riple on the surface.
now set B.erf - say 2.3 mtr (this is the distance from ensor face to water surface level) , set 4 ma = 0 , 20 ma = 20ma , & damping = 30sec in case of no ripple & 300 sec above in case of high ripple on surface of water.
After setting all this things you shall se the level in dcs as = 4mtr - 2.3mtr = 1.7 mtr (example)

after setting this check whether LE(echo lost) signal is comming on display or not , if not then your transmitter has been installed properly , if yes then please put the B.ref value properly.

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